Friday, September 25, 2009

A bad mom moment. I mean REALLY bad.

It was a sad day. Well, it didn't start out that way, but as I strolled into work at 1 o'clock my co-worker informed me that my daughters' teacher called there looking for me because there was no school today AND I HAD DROPPED MY DAUGHTER OFF THERE AN HOUR EARLIER!!! Oh my gosh. Pure panic swept over me. I immediately got a hold of the teacher and she told me what happened. So. I dropped Missy off at school which is in the basement of the teachers house. Missy had gone down to the basement and realized that the lights were off so she went back outside and just stood on the front lawn and cried. She was standing there sobbing when a neighbor lady found her and took her to the teachers' front door, rang the doorbell and found the teacher (who had not been feeling well and was laying down and did not hear little Missy come into her house. Don't know if this would have mattered, but she normally takes down the school flag outside her house when there is no school, but since she went back to bed she forgot.) The reason there was no school was because we had a field trip the day before which was Missy's off day of school (but I just assumed that didn't interrupt the flow of school. I was wrong.) So the teacher tried to call me. No answer. Tried to call the house but the hubby didn't answer. For some reason, I hadn't listed his cell number on the registration form either! So she gets a hold of Grandma, who in turn gives her the hubby's cell number. Finally, he returns her calls and picks up Missy about 45 minutes after the fact. Oh. The thought of my poor little baby standing there on the lawn wondering if she is ever going to see her family again ;) just breaks my heart. I can totally relate to how she must have felt - but that is another post :) Apparently she was so sad though and I was not around to console her. I had to bring her some of her favorite doughnuts home to make it up to her. But, you know - kids (?) they forgive so quickly. When I talked to her right after I found out about everything she sounded kind of shaken up, but was still so sweet and saying I love you. I felt awful of course. Just the thoughts of what could have happened. Thankfully it was a nice lady that found her and not some pervert. Anyways, I wanted to do lots of snugs and loves with her tonight, but for some reason she wasn't feeling well. She declined the doughnuts (which I knew was a serious sign) and threw up a little while after I got home. She was as happy as can be, but just wasn't feeling good. She later told me that she thought her tummy hurt possibly because she had cried so much sad...

I wasn't planning on sharing that story, but I needed a little break from my sewing machine and thought that might make some of you feel better if you've ever forgotten or left your child before. Or maybe I'm the only one whose pulled a stunt like that!?! I don't know. But anyways after getting the kiddo's off to bed tonight I had some "Amber time." RJ is on a camp out. So I was able to indulge in some of this:

Some of you may recognize this as some of Fig Tree's old and new lines of fabric. I'm working on a little sample for the store consisting of 16 of these blocks:

The pattern is called Front Porch Blooms and can be found in Joanna's new book called Fresh Vintage Sewing (a wonderful book full of all things sewn; quilts, aprons, fruity pincushions - 25 projects to be exact and all are truly "figgy". Gotta love her style.)


Keri said...

Oh my gosh...I'm glad you found her safe and sound! Poor little Maya! I know you can relate...being left yourself as a kid. ;) Don't worry, I'm sure she's over it and won't think a minute more about it. And we all do mindless things as parents. I mean c' can you remember everything?! :)

Dottie said...

Ohh Ambs, I'm sorry this happened to you both. I remember being at Riverview and everyone had gone home, buses left and there I was waiting for my mom. Finally she came, I remember not being mad for very long...just scared that it would happen again (I know that doesn't help) Anyway, love the fabrics and the new quilt squares.

I went to my first quilt class. I was hoping I wouldn't like it (as if I need another hobby), but what do you know, I did :)

Jeannie said...

Oohhh, give Maya a HUG from me! That is so sad. . . hopefully, you will both look back on it later and laugh.

BEAUTIFUL fabrics and blocks! I'm sure it will be a masterpiece when complete.

Janel said...

Oh Amber you are so not alone, since nobody else has shared, I have no shame in letting you know the many faults I have..... My then 3 year old went over to a friends to play, I was suppose to pick her up at 3, it wasnt until 5 when my husband got home and asked me where she was that I remembered I had left her there. The mother had tried to call, but couldnt get a hold of me. Such stellar moments like that keep us humble and continuing to add to the therapy.....errr I mean college fund. Remember it isn't about how we mess up, but how we handle it after, that is more important, and you sound like you did a great job at that!!!