Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Missy

This little girl asked her brother the other day, "B, do I look cute today? ...Stylish? ...Functional?" (And if you know her, you'll know there was a little shake of the hips and some hand motions involved when she asked it. Yeah. She's only FOUR.) B and I had some good laughs over that one. It was just so funny the way she said it. She definitely keeps us laughing (or crying - it depends on the day.)

Swingin' at Nana & Papa's house.


b davis said...

I kept looking and thinking, "I know that place, where is it?" And then it hit me just as I read the tiny font.

Lovely pictures of Miss Maya.

I just took a bunch of pictures of Jeli on that swing Saturday.

Cassie said...

LOVE these pics. So cute! You'll have to keep them handy and do something with them. Are you still scrappin'????/

Keri said...

Such cute pics!

Jeannie said...

We miss you guys! Maya is such a cutie! I got such a kick out of watching her & Olivia at the reunion. All their hugs - and the conversations were PRICELESS! Preschooler dialog is the BEST! :)

Misty said...

she's darling, and smart! Cute pics.

Brett and Amy said...

Hilarious! Functional?! Still chuckling!