Thursday, January 9, 2014

Things I Want to Do

I haven't really been one for setting goals, making resolutions or picking a word to focus on this year.  Don't get me wrong, I usually like to set goals and I love the idea of picking a word (I just don't think I'm clever enough to pick just one...).  As a family we always make New Years Resolutions.  We write them down on a single piece of paper and review them together at the end of each year.  Looking over the last couple of lists, I've realized that many of my personal goals were accomplished (such as loosing 15 pounds, getting a book contract and running two half marathons!)  Of course there are a few goals that were not met and some that I can definitely do better (such as having monthly one on one dates with my kids - that was kind of hit or miss :(.  Maybe it's because last year was such a busy one for me that I really feel the need to just focus on some areas of my life that have been a little neglected... 

I want to be productive and balanced without having to measure and critique myself.  I do like to get things done and there's no better way to stay focused than to make a plan or "to-do" list. 

So as I sat in my sewing room the other day I started thinking of all the things that need to get done in there.  I decided I needed to write down my list of projects, focusing on just a few that I'd like to accomplish this month. I've already got two of these almost done and it feels great!  I'll share pictures soon!  The hard part will not be getting distracted.  I've got a couple small projects that HAVE to get done this month too so I may need to revise my list a little.  And that's okay.  Prioritizing is good.

Are you prioritizing, making plans, to-do's or resolutions this year?  What helps you to stay organized and focused?  I'd love to hear what works for you!

Have a great day!
~ Amber


Cassie said...

What a great 2013 you had! I like the idea of small lists, too. It makes things less daunting and easy to prioritize.


cynthia horst said...

Thank you for the inspiration :) I am gong to set monthly sewing goals for myself. I have never done that before, just always had them in my head.
Running a half marathon is in my future, too :)

Amber said...

Awesome Cynthia! Half's are good. I don't know if I have it in me to do a full marathon. I think you really gotta want to do it and I'm just not there... :)

And, I'm with you ~ I usually have a long list of things to do (in my head). I think writing them down will help me stay focused.

Thanks for stopping by!


Hannah said...

good for you! that list looks awesome. As for me, yes I have tons of to-do lists/goals. However they always seem to be changing or getting longer hahaha
I still make them though because it makes me feel pretty darn good to check something off even if the list is taller than i am! Good luck to you :)

New Salem Homestead said...

Productive and Balanced are the very words I decided on this year. I sometimes feel like a firefighter racing around putting out a lot of small fires and in the end the building burns because I lost focus!

Amber said...

New Salem Homestead:

Yes, I like those words! They're perfect! But it's quite the juggling act to be both, isn't it? I think I will definitely be striving for both of those things this year!

It's ok if our lists are as tall as we are - I'm not very tall - LOL! Aspirations are good and checking things off is certainly the best part.

Good luck ladies!!

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like a great list for January Amber! I'm a list maker too -- just need to find time to sit down and think about what needs to be on my list this winter. Maybe I should get off the internet LOL!

Victoria said...

I love your list. It is all about fabric!! Yah! That means that from time to time you will be posting awesome things that will inspire me.

Claudia said...

I like to make lists too...that way I read them now and then. I keep a list of projects that I finished I can date them and see what I am getting done.
I have one finish on there so far. Keep going !

Amber Johnson said...


Yes, I'm kind of liking this list thing. It's keeping me on track! I've been doing them for other things lately too (like daily tasks - if I feel like I've got a crazy day lined up and ideas that are brewing for summer fun with my sisters!) Lists are good... Especially for a scatter-brain like me!

Thanks for stopping by!