Friday, March 21, 2014

Pineapple Quilt Progress & Patterns

 Now that I'm done with my Farmer's Wife quilt for a while, 
I figured it was okay to pick up another crazy, intense, long-term project.  Well, at least for me it is :)

I started these blocks at the beginning of February when I attended Quilt Bliss (a quilting retreat in Heber, UT.).  These paper-pieced Pineapple blocks are really fun to make and kinda make my heart sing!

  My green stash has needed a little "refreshing" lately so I picked up a bunch of 2" strips the other day while I was at work.  One of the benefits of working at a quilt shop, I guess! 

I like to pre-cut lots of strips so I can just grab one and sew.  
It makes my piecing go much faster and
I keep them in one of my big scrap jars for easy access!

Once I got into my groove, I figured it took me about an hour and a half to make one block.  I'm hoping I can do at least one block a week until I'm done.

 I've got 10 so far and am planning on doing a total of 24.

If you're not following me on Instagram (username: gigisthimble), you may not know that I've started selling sets of these patterns all ready to go for those of you that want to quilt along with me.  Since they're over-sized (each block finishes at 12 3/8") I had to get them specially printed at a local print shop.  I'm selling sets of 36 patterns (+ 1 master copy) for $20.50 plus shipping.  Stop by my Etsy shop if you're interested.  I'd love some company on this long (but fun) journey ahead!

Happy quilting!
~ Amber


Sharon Eshlaman said...

I love the pineapple and have always wanted to make one but it's very intimidating to me. Any chance you will be doing a tutt for this quilt pattern?

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Oh my! Those colors are beautiful!

Cathy said...

Your blocks are very striking in your chosen color combination, it will be super when finished. I made a pineapple quilt a couple of years ago, using a ruler rather than paper foundations. It was a bit dicey - next time, paper foundations for sure!

grammajudyb said...

Those pinks and green sing SPRING to me! Love it!!

Amber Johnson said...


I'll try to put together a tutorial soon! It's really not that hard. And once you learn how to paper piece you can do just about any block.

Thanks for stopping by!

Amber Johnson said...


Thank you! I saw a quilt like it on Pinterest (unfortunately no pattern was to be found with it) and fell in love! Hoping mine will be similar!


Amber Johnson said...


Thank you! It's a little bit of a different color scheme for me but I'm having fun with it!


CJ said...


Prima Donna said...

Love, love, love that color combo. Beautiful!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Yikes!! I am totally in love with these. I love that color combo. If I was near your shop I would get a fat quarter of each of the greens as my stash is low too , but I am never low on pink!! Did I miss what size your blocks are?

Cheryl said...

These blocks are just beautifully amazing!

Annie Labruyère said...

I'm not a fan of the pineappel but yours is very nice. I love the colors and how you made the squares. Have a nice week-end.

Annalia said...

Wow! That looks crazy-hard and beautiful. LOVE the colors.

LynCC said...

Amber, these are so pretty!!!! I just love the things paper piecing can accomplish. Your fabrics are luscious here.

pandchintz said...

It's looking Really good Amber! Love the colours (two of my favourites!!)

Victoria said...

This will be a beauty! I have that pattern on the back burner but your colour choices have given me a nudge to update what I had planned to do.
As usual, you inspire!

Amber Johnson said...

Aw, thanks Victoria! Good luck with yours!

leanne said...

I saw your photos on IG and just had to drop by ! this is going to be one gorgeous quilt - LOVE the colours you are using :)

Sharon Eshlaman said...

You stated you like to precut your stips. I want to start my collection. What size and length do you cut your strips? Thanks

Pamela Tasker said...

Beautiful ! Nothing like following a printed line to keep my seams straight. Went to your Etsy and the printed sheets are gone ! Will you be printing more?
Thank you from Dexter, MI.

Amber Johnson said...


You got some right? For everyone else, I've listed more in the shop. Thanks!


Amber Johnson said...


I cut 2" x the width of fabric strips (or however long I can get them out of scraps). Have fun!


Amber Johnson said...


Thanks! I'm having fun with it. Now, if I can just get my taxes done then I can get back to my sewing machine! :)

Have a great day!

Amber Johnson said...


Thank you! They're kind of different for me but I'm kinda loving it!

Have a great day!



Thank you! I love paper piecing. And you're right - it's amazing the kind of blocks you make by doing it! Very fun!


Amber Johnson said...


Thank you! It's actually not hard. Just time consuming. I'll be putting a tutorial up on my blog soon!

Have a great weekend!

Audrey said...

These are simply beautiful!

FabricandFlowers said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors you are using.

Marie said...

I had to smile when I saw you describe this as a 'crazy, intense, long-term project' and then realized that you had only started it in February. I'm working on the same pattern - smaller blocks, very scrapping/primitive - but I started mine in 1996. Now that's crazy long-term :)!

Amber Johnson said...

Thanks LoriM! These colors go perfectly in her home :)



There is another batch of paper piecing patterns in the shop now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is the link:

Oh, and no, I do not use a walking foot for the straight line quilting.

Take care,

Lyric said...

Bravo, was fun reading over your instructions. How kind of you to share.

I am thinking there is at least one pineapple quilt inside of me. Absolutely love the pattern. I can't help but wonder about the method simply using the ruler and sewing straight lines; i.e., no flipping and such. Ahh, perhaps there are two pineapple quilts in me one with the paper pieced method but the first sans all that paper stuff.