Thursday, May 15, 2014

This & That

 As you may have guessed (since it's been 1 month since my last post!) things have been a little crazy around here.  I have been frantically trying to get my 3 new patterns done (priority #1 on my May To-Do list!) and I am SO close!  For some reason it always takes me a lot longer to get them done than I think it will (hmmm...can't figure out why :)  But I am so excited about them and am hoping to be able to share them with you in the next week or two!  So stay tuned!

One of them will be perfectly cute for boys using this new fabric coming out in August.  It's designed by my friend, Emily Herrick from Crazy Old Ladies.  It's called Rustique and I think she did a fantastic job with it.  Lots of fun prints and vibrant colors!!!

Emily gave me a fat quarter bundle of Rustique.  Isn't she sweet?!?  Here's the rest of the line.  I've got some fun plans for these, as well (some of which might include YOU!)  

I'm still plugging away at my Pineapple Blocks.  I've got 13 now.  I will reach my goal of 24...slowly but surely.  I need to do at least 2 more to reach my goal for May.

I also started a new project for the fabric store I work at (Just Sew in Highland, Utah).  It's a mini quilt finishing at 24" x 24".  The tutorial for it can be found HERE on the blog, The Purl Bee.

I had a picture of the one from The Purl Bee pinned on my "I Heart Red, White & Blue" Pinterest board for a long time and since I'm in charge of the display table for July I decided it would be a great time to finally make it!

I'm really enjoying hand quilting it too.  It's the perfect little project to work on at the kitchen table during my kids' snack time or when we're on our way to soccer games!

That's it for now but I hope you'll come back next Tuesday when I get to share one of my favorite quilting "quick tips" as part of Amy Smart's new blog series (in conjunction with her new book, Fabulously Fast Quilts).  

Happy quilting!
~ Amber


charlotte said...

Love those pineapple blocks. Are you using foundation piecing?

Amber Johnson said...


I'm paper piecing. Have you done it before? It's so fun.

Thanks for stopping by!

Victoria said...

I love your stack of pineapple blocks! It looks so impressive.
You can do it!

Kris said...

Love that fabric, love your pineapple blocks...oh just love it all. I am way behind in my blog and doing anything so maybe I will get motivated now seeing all your lovelies.

Cathy said...

Love this fabric line!!! The colors are fantastic. Can't wait for it to come out.

Kathy said...

Your hand quilting is so neat and pretty!

Heather @ Winding Bobbins said...

Everything looks so amazing! I love the pineapple blocks, and the flying geese as well. And lucky you to get to work with that gorgeous fabric!

Good luck getting your goals finished.

Amber Johnson said...

Thanks Heather! The flying geese have been fun! I love flying geese but have never done a project with JUST flying geese. I like them!

Have a great day!


Amber Johnson said...

Aw thanks Kathy! I don't do it very often but I'm having a lot of fun with it right now!

Have a great day!


Amber Johnson said...


I know! Emily Herrick did a really good job designing Rustique. It's really beautiful in person!

Happy quilting!

Amber Johnson said...


Thank you! Thank you! I'm having so much fun with it all! So many projects so little time though, right?!? :)

Happy quilting!


Debbie said...

This little flying geese bit is so beautiful, and I love that you hand quilted it. Thank you for the link and showing us yours! I need to get busy. Sigh!

Thimbleanna said...

I can't wait to see your new patterns Amber. And it looks like you're hiking right along with your pineapple blocks -- they're so pretty!

Amber Johnson said...


Thank you. I'm having fun hand quilting it! It's the perfect little project to take along...

Take care,

Amber Johnson said...


Thanks. I love working on my Pineapple blocks. Just wish I had more time to bust them out. Unfortunately, I've got too many other things going for that to happen :(

Take care!