Friday, July 11, 2014

Orange Peel Mini Quilt and a Quilt Along!

Is anyone else obsessed with the Orange Peel design right now?  I have been dreaming of Orange Peel wall paper for my dining room, I just free motion quilted an Orange Peel design on my recently finished Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt (pictures coming soon) and I just started this Orange Peel mini quilt last week!  
I'm obsessed!  Obsessed I tell ya!

So when my boss at Just Sew asked me if I wanted to be in charge of the mini quilt of the month for August and she handed me the book 101 Fabulous Small Quilts by That Patchwork Place and I spied an Orange Peel quilt in it - I knew I just had to make it!  I've always wanted to make one and this was the perfect opportunity.

I decided to do a low-volume, scrappy background with bright fabrics for the leaves.  I've been loving that combo for a while now so I'm pretty excited about finally doing it.

(I had a little helper helping me plan my scrappiness.  She's pretty cute, eh?)

Because I'm on a deadline (this has to be appliqued, pieced, quilted and bound by the end of the month) I've set a goal to applique 8 leaves (or 1 row) every day.  I figure each leaf takes about 10 minutes to applique so it's just over an hour out of my day that I'm dedicating to this project for the next week or so.

I'm already half way done and I'm really loving seeing it come together!

I've posted more pictures of this project on Instagram.  
Feel free to follow along if you'd like.  My username is gigis_thimble.  

When I first posted about this project on IG, my friend Jodi Nelson of the blog, Pleasant Home showed some interest in the pattern so I roped her into making an Orange Peel quilt with me.  Be sure to stop by her blog if you haven't already.  She's posting about her Orange Peel quilt today too!  We thought it would be fun to start an Orange Peel Quilt Along but after a little research we found out that Jessica from the blog, Quilty Habit has one going on as we speak!  So Jodi and I are just going to sit back and enjoy the Orange Peel Quilt Along ride!  We hope you'll join us!

Jessica's got great pattern suggestions, applique tutorials, a schedule and there will even be some great prizes given away at the end!  You can click HERE for all the details. 

 Since someone on IG asked for it, I am going to do a tutorial on my favorite method of applique (the same method I'm using on this project).  So be sure to check back next week if you're interested in that.

So...Orange Peel - are you feelin' it?  
Yes or no?

~ Amber


Jackie said...

I like it! It's so pretty and colorful, and if I were a quilt maker I would totally be excited to make this. One day I plan to do quilting and this is a great one to keep in mind. Looking forward to the applique technique you use.

Thimbleanna said...

Lookin' good Amber! I think Orange Peels are so fun and I've been planning one for awhile now. I love the pretty colors you're using!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I have been tempted to make one of these, but I really dislike needle turn appliqué. I might try it with using fusible web and my machine's blanket stitch... That book Playful Petals has really caught my eye.

Jessica said...

Thanks again for participating and posting! Did you decide how you are going to quilt it yet?

Needled Mom said...

I just did an orange peel row in the Moda QAL and fell in love with the design too. Your orange peel looks fantastic.

Amber Johnson said...

Thanks Jackie. I hope you will try quilting one day :) It's so fun!


Thanks Anna! You should join us - so you can finally get that Orange Peel quilt you've been planning! :)

Take care,


I've learned needle turn applique and made a whole wall hanging with that method but I actually prefer the freezer paper method. You'll have to try that sometime, if you haven't already :) I'll have to check out the book, Playful Petals. Thanks for the suggestion!

Have a great day!


Nope. That's a good question. But I will decide have to decide soon, LOL! I really love the modern look of straight line quilting or I might just outline the leaves. We'll see :) Thanks again for hosting the qal!


Needled Mom,

Oh that sounds fun! I'll have to check out that Moda QAL (I didn't know about it). I'm sure it was cute though!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lynne said...

Yours looks so nice that I'm tempted to give it a try.

Lynne said...

Yours looks so nice that I'm tempted to give it a try.

Denise in PA said...

I'm definitely feeling it - and am most likely going to get sucked right in and will start my own orange peel very soon - LOL! Looks great!

Amber Johnson said...


Thank you! And you should! :) Keep us posted if you do!

Happy quilting!


You should! Do it! Do it! :)


Jude Jones said...

I'm feelin' it---of course I love all your work. Do I need to buy the book for the pattern or do you know of another source w/o buying the whole book? Not that it isn't a great $ is tight. What are the size of your squares? It is really great. I am anxious for the tutorial. Thanks for a great blog!

Stephanie said...

I love how this is coming together! Your fabric choices always inspire me and hearing that it can be done in 10 minutes per leaf makes me much more interested. Beautiful work and excited for the tutorial. Thanks for sharing your work!

Anita said...

Love the combination of low volume to the pretty colors :)

Patch the Giraffe said...

I love the colors you chose! Especially the low volume background. This has also been on my to do list for a very long time. Maybe this will be the motivation I need!

Shasta Matova said...

It's beautiful. The members of SmallQuiltTalk which is a yahoo group run by Kathy Tracy recently made this quilt as well.

Quiltedtime said...

Your color choices are spot-on. I never tire of this pattern, either. It is so simple, but so appealing.

Jenny Watson said...

Al f these stuff are looking awesome. I am also going to start this business very soon.

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Di~ said...

Amber: What size did you cut the background squares? I had the book checked out from the Library, but don't remember...! I love this and want to start one today to take on retreat!

amandajean said...

that is a really beautiful quilt! I made a orange peel quilt a few years back using the freezer paper technique as well. it is one of my very favorite quilts ever! it took long enough, but you IS a good portable project!

Citron Leaf Studio said...

I love orange peel quilts and I love the low volume look. I have not made an orange peel quilt yet but it is definitely on my to-do list.

Sølvis blog said...

Love it, and the colors you have chosen. Did you join the squares before or after applique

Amber Johnson said...

Thank you! I joined the squares after I appliques the leaves.

Happy quilting!

cjb0706 said...

Jenny Doan from MSQC did a tutorial on this a few months ago and it was great and the applique method she used was tremendous. I never thought I could make one, but after seeing her tutorial, it's on my list to do. So yes to your question, you should make one and do a tutorial your way.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I'd love to see a tutorial! I looked in your Tutorials tab but cannot find it. :-o

Linda Mcneely said...

where do we find the information for making this. I clicked on where it said too and nothing there. would love to make this! I am crazy about small quilts!

Linda Mcneely said...

would love the instructions for this block it is so cute and I love small quilts. just finished a heart quilt for my sewing room. this would go nicely up on my wall.

Amber Johnson said...

Thanks Linda! The pattern is from the book, 101 Fabulous Small Quilts by That Patchwork Place.

Happy quilting!

Nancy in IN said...

I love doing Orange Peels. So restful and are done while watching TV and riding in a car.
Love your quilt

Ann Philbeck said...

I am making a blue and white orange peel quilt now.I have the squares on my design wall. I am making it into a queen size quilt. I have about 36 blocks made. I wish I could post a pic. I love yours in all those beautiful colors (which I might do in a table runner).

VivLee said...

This is very pretty and after reading your love of the pattern I believe this would be a great use of my "scraps".
I will send a picture if and when I get the chance to make. Thanks for sharing

Amber Johnson said...

I would love it if you sent a picture. Please do! Thanks for stopping by!