Friday, December 2, 2016

Penny Tiles Quilt [Finished]

Do you know the blog, Messy Jesse?
Well I have been a big fan of the author, Jessie Finchman, for a long time.  I've been following her blog forever and her Instagram account for ages.  One day I was just scrolling through Instagram, minding my own business, when I saw a picture of the most amazing quilt.  It stopped me dead in my tracks and I sat there studying that quilt (called Penny Tiles) for a while trying to figure out how she did that!?!  Then, a short while later I get a message from Jessie asking if I'd be willing to test the pattern out for her.  So of course, I was like, yeah (duh :).
And here we are.  Almost a year later.

I picked some of my favorite colors/fabrics and just had fun with it.  Jessie might have thought that I would only make a block or two but I loved the pattern so much I knew I wanted to make the whole thing!

They're really fun blocks to make and I love the secondary pattern 
of the white stars in the corners of the blocks.

As I was making the blocks, I had to trim off lots of little triangles 
so I decided to hang onto those to use for another "side project" later.

Thus, my little Pinwheel quilt.

 It was perfect because I had enough trimmings from each block to make 4 matching pinwheels of the main bright fabric and 2 matching pinwheels of the second bright fabric!  I just sewed a bright and a white triangle together to make a half-square triangle, squared them all up to 2.25" and then made pinwheels.  I alternated the pinwheels with white squares of the same size and made this really simple quilt!  The blocks finished at 3.5" and the whole quilt finished at 45.5" x 60".

These were both quilted by Cathy Barney in Alpine, Utah.  I used two of my go-to patterns, the interlocking orange peel on the Penny Tiles quilt and wavy lines on the Pinwheel quilt.  Cathy always does a fantastic job!

These will be going to a good friend for Christmas.  I hope she likes them!

Are you busy making handmade gifts for Christmas?  They're the best kind!

Have a great weekend!

~ Amber


Alli said...

Wow Amber, they are both amazing! And never have I seen a scrap project finished together WITH the project it was trimmed from. Super impressive and both so gorgeous! Lucky friend!

Denise said...

Lovely quilt! Do you know if the pattern is available for purchase? I've been unable to find it. Thank you!

Mary Howland said...

I tried going to Jessie's web site to get the pattern and then sent her an email which failed. I live in the US and wanted to see where I could buy the patten and not pay int'l shipping. Any ideas? Thanks. I loved the pattern and the extra quilt, too.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I love both of the quilts. They turned out beautiful

Maryann Sandore said...

I too want the pattern, please

mangozz said...

Very nice quilts! Beautiful colors and little the pinwheels seem to twinkle!

Needled Mom said...

That is beautiful and the pinwheel bonus quilt is just as lovely.

Amber Johnson said...
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Amber Johnson said...

Hi Denise,

You should be able to find the paper pattern available for purchase here:

Thanks for stopping by!

Amber Johnson said...


The paper pattern is available here:

But as far as ordering within the U.S., I'm not sure who all distributes patterns for Jessie but you could google it. Or try emailing her again or contacting her through Instagram if you have an IG account. Her username is @messyjesse1.

Good luck!

Maryann Sandore said...

It costs $17.95 US with shipping! Way to much for me.

Amber Johnson said...

Oh wow! Yes, that's crazy! I hope you can work something out. Good luck!


Kathy said...

Beautiful quilt, and a bonus quilt as well! Love both of them.